Opening Texas Up Too Soon Could Have Deadly Consequences


Governor Greg Abbott announced plans to begin opening some Texas businesses back up starting April 24.

Abbott’s decision may not be in Texas’ best interest. With the reintroduction of businesses, such as hair dressers and retail work, it is important to remember that Covid-19 can be asymptotic, and that symptoms can take 5-14 days to appear. In addition, many of its symptoms can be confused with other illnesses such as the flu. We are also unaware of the long term affects of Covid-19, or if a recovered Covid-19 patient can become infected with the virus again. It should also be noted that the United States has the most confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the world, with nearly one million cases.

While Abbott may plan to open back up businesses with some preconditions it is still better stay at home if you are not in need of essentials. While staying at home is probably more boring than going shopping or hanging out with friends it means you can keep yourself, and others safe without even putting in high amounts of effort. It is important to stay at home now so we do not have to go back into a stay at home order in two weeks after just opening up. Is that haircut really worth risking peoples lives on? Probably not, so Raiders, stay safe, stay at home and try to stay sane.