The Greatest Greek Goddess and God Of All Time

Most of us have heard or watched something pertaining to Greek mythology. There have been many recreations of these Greek myths in movies, plays, video games, and books. Usually when recreating these myths, script writers or authors usually base their main character on the most liked gods and goddesses in their opinion. Some of the most commonly used Greek gods in books and movies are Hercules, Achilles, Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon. Although these Gods do make an interesting plot to a story, they’re too common and overrated. There are so many Gods and Goddesses that hold a specific power, it would be difficult to make one seem boring.

On that note, one overlooked Greek Goddess and God is Athena and Apollo. These two gods take the cake for the greatest of all time.

Some might know Athena as the goddess of wisdom, however, she was a goddess of many things. This includes, arts and crafts, mathematics, law and justice, strategic warfare, and courage. She’s the daughter of Zeus who sprouted from his head fully grown and armed. She was known as the “Goddess of the City” because of her kindness and hospitality. Athena fought against injustices and known as ruthless warrior. As much as she fought for righteousness and equality for her civilians, she also encouraged them do the same. If we were to bring her into the modern day American society, she would be a great political leader advocating for equal rights of all people and would help the country’s economy and military by using strategic ways of keeping peace with other countries.

Athena’s half brother, Apollo was mostly known as the God of light to the Greeks. However, in Roman myths, he was known as the God of healing. He was also mentioned as the God of music, poetry, archery, plague, medicine and knowledge. He had a gateway into people’s souls through his music and speaking the truth. Although he was able to heal people from health conditions, he was also able to start a epidemic disease. Many things have been named after Apollo, such as, the Apollo Music Hall in New York and NASA’s Apollo missions.

While people are still inspired by these two Greek gods, it still seems like they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. Apollo and Athena treated mortals kindly and punished those who decided to do evil. They taught to fight for what is right and advocated for peace and healing. They taught the people of their city that pride and selfishness will lead to bigger problems. They sought to fix society by using their knowledge and skills for the better. They definitely don’t differ from your modern peaceful protesters today.

Some might say that Zeus, the ruler of all gods, was the best God in Greek mythology. However, when reading these  Greek myths, it seems as if Zeus had too much power. Zeus feared being overthrown by his children so he swallowed his wife Metis when he found out she was pregnant. However, this didn’t seem to work because Athena sprouted from his head. If anything, Zeus was just too over-controlling and had a lot of anger problems. And although he had a wife, Hera, he always cheated on her because of his high ego and cocky personality.

They taught the mortal people courage and creativity while fighting battles and helping the weak.”

— Mariam Alashmawi

In conclusion, Athena and Apollo are the best Greek Gods because of their moral beliefs and kind personality. They made great leaders and made sure to protect their civilians. They taught the mortal people courage and creativity while fighting battles and helping the weak. They also make the best role models for younger kids when they’re learning about Greek mythology.