Virtual learning should stay an option after the pandemic

During the pandemic, schools had to open up virtual learning and in school learning for students.

Virtual and in school learning should continue after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kids who are needed at home would be able to still get an education while helping around the house. It is not uncommon for a high school student to get a job to help out his/her family to help pay for bills or other expenses. Allowing them to do virtual school would allow them more flexible work hours which could reduce the stress of all that pressure at a young age.

The class size would be reduced leading to more one-on-one student-teacher learning. Randall High is a big school with a lot of students. If they were allowed the choice between in-school and virtual learning, it would make the classes less full making the classroom more of a learning place instead of a room with a lot of loud high schoolers in it making it hard to learn and focus.

Virtual school is catered to students who learn better by themselves and work faster at their own pace. Having virtual has made it where a student can re-read or re-watch a video about the subject allowing them to understand what they are learning more than if they would have heard it once in the classroom.

Other people believe it would cause more stress on the teachers, but as time goes by they will learn to adapt to the change resulting in everyone feeling satisfied. Many teachers struggle with the switch from in-school to both virtual and in-school learning because the technology is so new to them, but with a true understanding of the technology they will be able to use it the best ways which would make teaching a little bit easier.

We could send teachers to workshops about technology so they would be able to learn the most efficient and easy way to teach virtual and in school students. Virtual school should continue to be an option for students after the pandemic because it will allow many students to be more successful and make students less stressed which would result in better grades and higher overall performances. Please consider my points and be open to keeping virtual an option for students at Randall High School.