Netflix Needs to Give Its Originals A Chance


Rylee Archer

Irreplaceable You

Have you ever gotten yourself invested in one of those Netflix Originals, and then it gets canceled? It’s quite frustrating. Netflix should stop canceling the originals as everyone seems to like those more than the other series’ on the streaming platform. The solution is quite simply to not cancel these Netflix Originals.

To begin with, Netflix should stop canceling them because it is Netflix’s franchise owns the original series’, so there’s usually no fear about another streaming service owning a show, or even having copyright issues because Netflix owns the shows.

Most everyone seems to enjoy the shows and waits long periods of time for the next seasons to come out, only to find that the show was canceled. So this makes people get rid of their Netflix account because the shows they wanted to watch got canceled, therefore, Netflix loses profits.

Even with the potential that Netflix doesn’t make a profit with its subscription, with the sheer amount of how many people enjoy these originals Netflix could make quite a bit of money just from merchandising. Whether it’s from toys or purchases of the show on physical platforms there are always profits to be made from these shows.

Some might say Netflix doesn’t have the money to create all of these Originals that everyone enjoys. Along with resources, they may not have the money. However, like many big streaming services, Netflix could get sponsors to help bring in money, 0r like mentioned get stores to sell products, and help bring in money for these shows. There are ways that they can make profits, but Netflix decides to give up on these shows too quickly

Everyone enjoys these shows more than what Netflix usually has to offer. The Originals should continue, not be canceled after one or two seasons.