Randall Band Wins Grand Champion Of High Plains Marching Festival


Camryn Barton

The band competed and won the High Plains Marching Contest this past weekend.

Last Saturday, the band kicked off “Band-Tober” with the High Plains Marching Festival. Along with the Raider Band, 19 marching bands, including the Canyon Soaring Pride Band, the Amarillo Sandies Band, and the West-Plaines Wolf Pack regiment, attended the contest. The band won second place in prelims, and for the first time in Randall history, the band was the grand champion winning first place in the finals. 

No band deserves this award more than the Raider Band, nothing but blood, sweat, and many tears from Colorguard, has gone into their show, “Terraforming Mars.” Every single marcher in the brass, woodwinds, drumline, front ensemble, and Colorguard has put so much effort and energy into this spectacular performance. I have never seen not just a band, but a group of individuals, so energetic and supportive, most people are primarily composed of carbon, but these marchers are 100% school spirit! During away games, the band alone provides a more energetic student section than the entirety of the opposing school’s side of the field, it is not uncommon to hear “R-A-I-D-E-R-S R-H-S!’ and various stand tunes and cheers echo throughout the stadium. 

However, this is just the beginning of the Raider Band’s marching season, and what a way to start! With Bands of America this Saturday, and UIL around the corner, I am more than excited to see what these talented performers have in store for us. On behalf of our school, I want to congratulate the Raider Band on their hard work so far and wish them good luck in their upcoming competitions, and I strongly encourage my fellow students to support them, just as much as they have supported you.