Barry Bonds’ Hall of Fame Case


Barry Bonds, the man who holds the record for all time homeruns in the MLB, will not be included in the Hall of Fame.

Barry Bonds is one of the best hitters of all time and should be recognized for it in the HOF for his sweet swing and insane ability to hit a baseball.

Steroids or not, hitting a baseball in the MLB is the hardest thing to do in sports. Bonds’ outstanding control of his bat and ability to put the barrel of the bat right on the ball almost every time, is proof of a great ball player. You still have to hit the ball. Steroids can only take you so far, and you still have to be able to catch up to a 95 mph fastball and hit it to a place where the defense isn’t.

Barry Bonds holds the record for most homeruns at 762, and also holds the record for the most intentional walks with 688. Pitchers and managers were so afraid of this dude that they thought that letting Bonds take 1st base was better than taking the chance of him hitting a homerun. Barry Bonds is famously known for the one time he got intentionally walked with the bases loaded. Can you imagine being so good of a hitter that the other team would rather give up a free run than try and pitch to you.

Barry Bonds played from 1986 to 2007 including in 1998 which is widely know as the “steroid era”. Think about any great player from this time, and I would bet you that they were on steroids. Everyone was juiced at the time so the competition was elite. Some of the best pitchers of all time that Bonds was facing were also taking steroids, and he was still mashing baseballs out of Oracle Park into McCovey Cove. Over Bonds’ career, he won 7 Most Value Player awards and 8 Gold Gove awards. Barry Bonds was the best player out of everyone from the steroid era.

People will say he wouldn’t have hit so many homeruns if he wasn’t on steroids, and that the steroids is what made him a good hitter. But in 1993 Bonds led the league in most home runs with 46 and RBIs with 123. Bonds started taking steroids in 1997, and even before then he was still a great hitter. Bonds just got unlucky with the time he was in the league. He had to be able to compete with all the other hitters and pitchers taking steroids, so what did he have to do? Also take steroids so he wouldn’t get left in the dust by those juiced pitchers.

One solution could be, still putting Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame, but put a mark beside is name to show when he was taking steroids. Because this man is one of the best ball players of all time and so many young hitters look up to him. To be able to hit so many homeruns, he needed more than just strength and power. He had one of the sweetest left hand swings in the game and barreled up so many fastballs. So keep talking about Barry Bonds, keep pushing the truth about how he changed the game of baseball, and maybe we can get the MLB to change their minds.