Tony Boehs, English


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English and KRAD teacher Tony Boehs

Spencer Maddox, Staff Writer

English and KRAD teacher, Tony Boehs has taught at Randall for five years. 

Boehs said he first wanted to become a teacher when he was in 4th grade. 

“I have made the decision to dedicate my life to helping others by teaching,” Boehs said. “English actually chose me.  I had taught history for 16 years, and while teaching history, I coached debate and speech so teaching English came naturally.”

 Boehs said that he has many good memories as a teacher, but his favorite was during his years teaching in Kansas. 

“My favorite memory when one of my students medaled at State Speech,” Boehs said.

At Randall, in addition to teaching English, Boehs advises the school’s television announcements, a program called KRAD.

“KRAD was part of my teaching assignment but it has become a way to fuse the modern venues of technology with the idea of telling a story,” Boehs said. “Announcements is just one part of what KARD does.”