Mr. Alley Has TikTok?


Casey Alley, better known as Mr. Alley, has recently started posting consistently on the popular social media app, TikTok. His content ranges from dancing to his different personality over Spring Break. He has gained a few followers on the app and his videos are always a topic of conversation here at Randall. When asked what took him from zero to 100, this is what he had to say.

“I started making TikToks after my students found a video from 2020,” Alley said. “My students challenged me to make another video if they got me to 100 likes.”

The video quickly gained 100 likes and Alley began posting more videos.

“I have enjoyed making humorous TikToks about my school day,” Alley said. “My students have really been supportive of them. I enjoy their responses, even if they think it’s cringy.”

Alley wasn’t lying about his students being supportive. In just the span of a few videos, he has over 7,000 likes. All of the students seem to love Alley’s videos, including me. They show us a not-so-serious side of our beloved math teacher. No one would have known that Alley is actually kind of funny. He said he is planning to continue to make these videos and loves to see his students’ reactions.