Rebecca Robinson, Special Education

Rebecca Robinson, Special Education teacher

Amy Neese

Rebecca Robinson, Special Education teacher

Spencer Maddox, Staff Writer

For the past 20 years, Rebecca Robinson’s morning routine has been driving to Randall. She enters the school, makes her way to the 500 hall and prepares for her classes. A lot of her day involves providing one-on-one help to her students, something she said she is glad to do.

Robinson, who is a Special Education teacher, said she has always wanted to be a teacher.  

“I love teaching,” Robinson said. “[I chose this job because]  I wanted to work with kids. When I started working at Randall, I was an aide and within a couple weeks I knew this is what I wanted to do from now on.”

Robinson spends much of her time teaching core subjects such as math, but she also focuses on things such as life skills and daily living skills.

“[My favorite thing about being a teacher is] taking our kids on community field trips and being able to see them put their learned skills to use,” Robinson said.