Kayleen Valenciano, Freshman


Freshman Kayleen Valenciano plays club volleyball and really enjoys it. She quit playing volleyball for one year, but watching the sport made her realize how much she missed it, so she went back.

What Valenciano loves about volleyball is that it’s a “therapeutic experience.” She said when she’s on the court, she said she doesn’t have to think about anything that is going on in the outside world, just in the next play. For Valenciano, her bond with her teammates is what she cherishes most. Because they know each other so well , their chemistry is really good and they all try to be leaders on the court.

Now that Valenciano is back in the sport, she doesn’t have plans to leave it again anytime soon. She describes it as her happy place, and is looking forward to playing in upcoming tournaments. During her temporary break from volleyball, Valenciano learned just how much the sport meant to her. This time around, she’s making sure to enjoy every moment.