Randall Royalty: King and Queen ‘Honored’ By Title

Seniors McKade Barbosa and Kathryn Granger take photos after being crowned Homecoming King and Queen Sept. 14.

Bright lights, loud crowds, and flashing cameras fill Kimbrough Stadium. Everyone’s attention is on the field, but no action is happening. Bouquets of flowers are brought down through the crowd as the homecoming court nominees gather, waiting to hear the results that so many students voted on. Among the nominees are seniors McKade Barbosa and Kathryn Granger, who unknowing to them, are about to be named Homecoming King and Queen. 

“I’ve always just felt like I was just another high school student,” Granger said. “I never really realized that people acknowledged me or even really knew me. It was such a great feeling knowing that people do notice the things you do.”

Homecoming court nominations began in English class two weeks prior to the homecoming game. Each class nominated two girls and two guys for King and Queen. Those nominations were later narrowed down to 15-20 girls and 15-20 guys and posted on votingforschools.com where students voted one final time. The top four girls: Kathryn Granger, Canton Moreno, Faith Covey and Lacye Selman, and the top four guys: McKade Barbosa, Bryce Betzen, Landen Nix, and Hagen Escoto became the final 2018-2019 homecoming court nominees.

“Honestly, I was just honored to be on the first list (of nominees) with 20 other girls,” Granger said. “Once I found out that I was one of the final four, I didn’t even care if I won. It was just a heartwarming experience.”

Granger said the experience has changed her look on life, by giving her unforgettable memories to share for years to come and help her grow in confidence.

“My favorite part of homecoming was just being with the other girls and being able to dress up for the parade, assembly and game,” Granger said. “Homecoming was most definitely the best week of my life.”

Barbosa said he was humbled knowing that the student body chose him to be their homecoming king.

“I felt happy knowing that the student body knows who I am,” Barbosa said. “It’s nice to know that everybody likes you for who you are and not who you want to be.”

At the game, Barbosa’s energy could be easily seen at the game. Whether he was running back and forth on the field, jumping around in the stands, or giving all of his friends hugs, he just couldn’t be still. Despite that, he said he was terrified standing on the 50 yard line in front of everyone when the winners were announced.

“I really thought that most of the students would vote for the football quarterback, like all the Friday Night Light movies have been,” Barbosa said. “It’s an amazing experience to hear your name on the speakers at the football field.”

According to Barbosa winning with Granger, who was involved in a severe car accident one year ago, was just an added bonus.

“I was hoping that I won with (Granger) because I think she’s awesome,” Barbosa said. “She has had a lot go on with her life and it is amazing to see how everybody has her back.”