May Be Identical But Not the Same

Gretta Alumbaugh, Staff Writer

Identical twins, Peyton and Sloane Sims may look similar but their personalities and certain features set them apart.  

The Sims are five minutes apart with Sloane being the oldest. Even though they share a room, a car, and have had the same school schedule since eighth grade, they both have different interests. Sloane enjoys shopping while that’s not Peyton’s favorite.

¨I think most people who know us say that our personalities are similar yet very different,¨ Peyton said. ¨We like to do some different hobbies like listening to different music and I am very much a planner where Sloane is laid back.¨

The Sims are graduating in the Spring of 2019 and are planning on attending different colleges 14 hours apart. Peyton wants to attend the University of Colorado and Sloane plans to attend Harding University. Although this decision is not definite, Peyton said they both are excited to see where they go next.

¨I love being a twin, it’s like having your best friend with you all the time,¨ Peyton said. ¨The best thing about being a twin is just always having someone there supporting you in everything you are and will be doing in life.¨

The longest the Sims have been apart was the summer before their junior year. Sloane was a counselor at a summer camp, Hidden Falls, and was gone for two and a half months.

¨That summer we were both by ourselves,¨ Peyton said. ¨I think we grew a lot closer and more mature being separated.¨

Some of their closest friends and family don’t have trouble telling them apart but it takes time for people they just met. Sloane said they have certain features that makes them different.

¨For first impressions, Peyton is shorter and I wear a lot of jewelry,¨ Sloane said. ¨My nose is shaped different. She’s more tomboy and I’m more girly to a degree. There are slight differences but they aren’t defining in anyway.¨

Many people are curious about the twins and ask a lot of common questions. They always answer the obvious questions in humorous ways. The question asked the most is if they are twins or sisters.

¨The best thing about being a twin is that I’m never alone,¨ Sloane said. ¨I get to go through all the stages of life with my bestie.¨