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Band embodies “Heart and Soul” in new halftime show


When someone asks you how you feel about jazz, it’s almost certain the answer will be something along the lines of “I can just feel it playing in my soul,” which is what Randall’s new marching band show “Heart and Soul” is based on.

Band director Ginger Denney said she is excited for the show this year, especially the jazz theme.

“When you think of jazz music you think of music that is lively, full of vitality, energy, and soul,” Denney said. “It’s a style of music that we as a band have not fully explored in a marching setting in quite some time.  The show can mean different things to different people based on their experiences. It allows you to draw your own conclusions for meaning based on your body of knowledge, emotions, and feelings.”

Students Layla Galicia and Kenzie Bettag said it was really fun to play the music and to go along with the movements during morning practice. Galicia, a clarinet player, said that she’s also excited about this show, but she’s a little nervous, as it’s “more advanced and complicated.”

Even for classical musicians, jazz is really difficult to play because classical music is more about following the piece of the composer, while jazz is more improvisational. It pushes students in a different direction than they’ve been pushed before.

Several students said they wouldn’t change anything about the show.

“The music gets my blood pumping, and the music has a unique texture to it that isn’t heard in a lot of other places,” Bettag, another clarinet player, said.

Denney said she feels that the marching band is an integral part of Randall’s community and football season.

“I would love for our students to know how appreciated they are in our community,” Denney said. “I think sometimes that they don’t feel that appreciation.”

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