Art Provides Creative Outlet For Sophomore

After seeing characters in a horror game that inspired her, sophomore Samantha Green couldn’t put down her pencil and drawing paper.

Since she was young, Samantha has loved art. In fact, it has been one of her favorite things.

“I’m able to express my emotions through art,” Samantha said. “It’s a way to pass time or relieve stress.”

She said she also likes the fact that she is the only artistic person in her family; it gives her something to be good at that is unique to everyone else.

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

— Bob Ross

“(Art) is one of the things that only I can do in my family,” Samantha said. “It’s only special to me and no one else, which I like.”

Although Samantha’s family is into art, she said they are very supportive, encouraging and benevolent. She uses this, along with other things, to inspire her to create art.

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“Music or just watching YouTube motivates me through art,” Samantha said. “Or an anime normally keeps me going for a while. I want to keep doing art because art is my passion. It helps me through thick and thin and it’s and overall stress relief for me.”