Senior Looks Back On Her Decision To Transfer To Randall

“I transferred my junior year of high school and after transferring I wish I had done it earlier. I loved everything about Randall- the people, the education and the school spirit. The number of people I have met at Randall in these last two years has made everything worth it. My biggest blessing from transferring has been the girls I met from soccer. I was new to the team and they took me in with open arms. I don’t think I could have done it without the support from those girls. High school sports gave me a why and became my motivation to be better from my grades to my character.”

Being the new kid is always difficult but the hardest thing for Laurel was leaving her twin sister who still goes to Tascosa.

“Before I transferred, my sister and I had gone to school together for 11 years. It was weird but exciting to think that I could have a completely different life outside of being a twin. My favorite thing is when I tell someone at Randall that I have a twin sister because they are always shocked and confused but then when I add that she’s my identical twin, they try to say I’m lying until I show them a photo.”