Student Spotlight: Brilon Lichtie


Today on the student spotlight, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with junior Brilon Lichtie. Lichtie is a member of the Randall choir, and the Randall theatre program. He is also involved in academic UIL current events and NHS, so he tends to keep himself busy with extracurricular activities, along with being in all AP classes.

He has been also cast as one of titular roles (the Beast) in Randall’s production of the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast”, which is set to open on Dec. 9, and run through the 12. When asked how he balances his hectic school life, and his personal life, he replied “I’ve had to organize my time and prioritize well. Because of that, I’m able to get what I need to get what I need to get done for school, which leaves me time for other things.”  I then asked him what his favorite part of working on the all school musical, to which he said ” I have loved growing and strengthening my relationships with my cast mates.”

Lichtie has also seen success with choir throughout his years as a raider, and is in the process of UIL choir competitions. He has just advanced on to area, receiving first chair at pre-area. When I asked him what he hoped to accomplish this year in choir, he stated ” I hope that I can finally make it into the All- State Choir.” Aside from all his school related passions, I asked what his favorite hobby or activity outside of school. He said “I like to listen to music. I’ve loved being able to grow my taste in music.” We spoke about how he has been collecting records, purchasing one each month, as to further his interest and knowledge in music.

And with all his activities, it can be hard to keep your head in the game and remained focused on a goal, but it seems as though he has little trouble. When asked how he stays motivated, especially during stressful times likes these, he stated “I keep my goals in mind and remember all the work I have done to get me to this point. Those keep my mind in the right place and prevent me from giving up.” Work ethic is extremely important to Brilon, and I can attest since I have the pleasure of knowing him personally and the spotlight truly is on him, as he gears up for musical performances, choir and academic UIL competitions, and the last push to winter break.