Zaylee Carson, Senior


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Zaylee carson, Senior

Many of senior Zaylee Carson’s school years has been spent putting countless hours into her passion for theater. Carson, who has been involved in theater since seventh grade, found her love of theater though watching her cousins preform in productions.

“I just fell in love with performing for people and the stage,” Carson said. “I’ve wanted to be an actress ever since.”

Carson has been a part of many shows and UIL One Act competitions, where her One Act team team placed eighth in state.

“The reason I love theater so much is the 40 minutes of being someone else and portraying someone else’s story,” Carson said. “I love every character and all the productions that I’ve been apart of. Also, of course, I love all of the beautiful humans that are in the theater community.”

Carson said her favorite show she has been apart of was “Find Me,” a production she participated in while at theater camp at Texas Tech.

“It was a fun show and I learned and grew so much in that time,” Carson said.

Another show Carson said she really enjoyed being a part of “A Mid Summer’s Nights Dream” at Randall’s theater camp her freshman year. Carson plans to be involved in theater in college, and is also currently doing auditions for film as well.

“Hopefully I’ll be cast in something film wise and you will see me on television or I will have a theater education degree,” Carson said.