New Transfer, Freshman Aubrie Benwire


Freshman Aubrie Benwire, who started school at Randall just a few weeks ago, said she is already loving her theater class and has been able to make a bunch of friends.

“The teachers are really kindhearted,” Benwire said. “If you need anything, they are there to help no matter what the occasion.”

She said she’s found that the students here are similar to those found at every school.

“Some are nice and some are rude and obnoxious,” Benwire said.

Despite that, she said she is enjoying her time at Randall. Although she doesn’t know yet if she will graduate a Randall Raider, she is ready to make the most of it while she is here and focus on her grades.

“The only thing I really need to accomplish this year is my grades,” Benwire said. “If I can keep them above a 75 then I’ll be set.”