Alex Najera, Sophomore, Thanksgiving break

Very photogenic and wasn’t even trying when the photo was taken


Alex Najera is a sophomore at Randall High school. She went to Palo Duro Canyon over Thanksgiving Break. She went on the Sunflower trail and went to the cave. She loved getting to walk and be a part of nature. Najera says, “Nature is amazing, it is calming and relaxing, I honestly love it. Nature makes me feel like I am where I need to be and it helps me understand that there is more to life then just buildings and roads. It’s like a whole different world and I am so happy to say that nature is the one thing I love the most. It makes me feel at home. I understand that there is a real world and I’m trying to avoid the heart break from it, but it’s hard enough to keep up with it, let alone be stuck with it for the rest of my life.”

Najera is a very intriguing person, she wants the best for everyone. In her experience, “Palo Duro is the best place to just let free and have fun. It gives the experience that no matter the trouble, you can always escape from the real world. It’s like getting a second chance at seeing what is really happening in this world. All the bad pollution and environmental issues that are being created by all the cities that have been made are making things worse on how we are doing things.”

Palo Duro Canyon is one of the places to get away and just relax. Have a great time and just be one with the world. Najera says, “The cave was my favorite part because i could just sit there and look at the beautiful scenery. Palo Duro is one of the best things in Canyon. Honestly if it wasn’t here i don’t know what i would do. Palo Duro means everything to me. It’s the one place i can just get away and breathe.”