Meet Freshman RJ Brummett


RJ, or Robert, Brummett is a freshman here at Randall. RJ is involved with our broadcasting and yearbook team, but is also heavily involved in theater.

“For me, theater is a place where I can be free to be completely and utterly myself,” RJ said. “It gives me a reason to want to get up and come to school every day.”

RJ has been in theater since the class became an option.  It wasn’t his first choice when it came to electives, but he ended up loving it. He has been in a handful of productions throughout junior high and high school. RJ acted in “Old Man and the Old Moon” which was a production that was put on earlier this year at Randall.

“My favorite part of being in “Old Man and the Old Moon” was the rehearsals,” RJ said. “They provided everybody with such a fun and playful environment.”

In his 8th grade year, he and his castmates won 1st place in UIL with the play “Anatomy of Grey.”

“The Anatomy of Grey was by far my favorite production I’ve ever been able to participate in,” RJ said. “Everyone just had a great time during rehearsals.”