Kaydence Adams, Freshman


Kaydence Adams and her boyfriend Zach Wilson, Photo took by: Lilly Higdon

Freshman Kaydence Adams suffers with anxiety and is a little shy when you first meet her, but as times passes she will be the funniest person you meet.

“I like high school because it gets me out of the house and I like being able to see my friends,” Adams said. “One of my best friend’s is Lilly. She is the best human in the world. I love her. My other best friend is Sarah. She helps me on my bad days. Nothing could change how I feel about my best friends. ”

Another reason why Adams enjoys high school is because she gets to spend time with her boyfriend, Zach. She said he makes her happy and they are always able to fix something if they get into an argument.

Aside from Lilly, Sarah and Zach, Adams has another love, her dog Rip. One of Adams saddest days was March 17 when she lost her dog Milo. To ease the pain, Rip came into Adams life forever changing it.