Flex Time Brings Karaoke on Wednesdays


Freshman, Alexia Turvaville

Gretta Alumbaugh, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of karaoke on a Wednesday? Well Karaoke Wednesday is a thing in room 322 East.

English teacher, Tina Bausinger, started Karaoke Wednesday at the beginning of last semester for the first time. Every Wednesday during flex time, everyone is invited to sing a song of their choice.

¨I thought Karaoke Wednesday might be a fun activity for flex,̈ Bausinger said. ¨I love seeing the kids having fun and goofing off.¨

An average of 20 to 30 students from all grades attend Karaoke Wednesday each week. Bausinger also provides snacks to whoever shows up and participates, weather you sing or be apart of the audience.

¨I want to have Karaoke Wednesday next year,¨ Bausinger said. ¨I’ll keep it up as long as people are interested. My favorite memory of Karaoke Wednesday is when everyone was doing a Frozen sing-a-long.¨

Senior Dove Hague is in Bausinger’s class and attends Karaoke Wednesday when she doesn’t have work from another class. She said she enjoys hanging out with her friends while at school.

̈My favorite part of going to Karaoke Wednesday is the snacks and the people,¨ Hague said. ¨I’m sad I won’t be able to attend it next year.¨