P.N.E. Students Compete For Toilet Seat

In Monday night’s annual P.N.E. competition, students gathered at Raider field in hopes of winning a toilet seat.

A tradition started in 1989, the toilet seat is the trophy for this event which is awarded to the one team who can out-wit, out-last and out-stomach their opponents. However, this competition isn’t for the faint of heart. To reign supreme, you’ll have to slide through Ranch dressing, ketchup and dish soap, swallow baby food, wear a raw egg and eat like a dog.

To start this event, teams dressed in different colored shirts lined the field to compete in a series of competitions involving items such as hula hoops, tennis balls and a homemade Slip ‘N Slide. After each event, teams who finished last were eliminated until only one team remained. In the end, the black team sponsored by wrestling coach David Quirino, claimed the championship and this year’s coveted toilet seat.

P.N.E, which stands for Practically Nearly Everything, is an annual event sponsored by Student Council which kicks off homecoming week. All students are invited to participate by forming teams and getting a staff sponsor.