Theater Productions To Perform ‘Clown Bar’


the cast of Clown Bar

The theater production class will perform Clown Bar Nov. 11-13 in the auditorium.

The play is about former clown named Happy who leaves police work and returns to the world of crime to find his brother’s killer. Sophomore Dax Betzen plays the role of Happy, alongside the female lead, Petunia played by senior Zaylee Carson.

“I am super excited to play the role of Petunia,” Carson said. “(Director Cy) Scroggins has given me an amazing opportunity.”

The entire cast is currently in rehearsals, working to perfect the show in time for opening night.

“Rehearsals have been amazing and I can’t wait to put on the show,” Carson said. “The show looks amazing so far. I hope everyone comes to see it.”

Scroggins said he picked Clown Bar because it best fit his actors, and because Randall has never done a show like it before.

The play is open to the public. Show times and ticket prices can be found on Ticket Spicket.