One Act Play Wins District, Set To Compete For Bi-District


Over the past two weeks, the UIL One Act Play contest began for schools all over the state.  Companies from all regions of Texas are given 7 minutes to build their set, 40 minutes to perform, and another 7 minutes to take their set down, all while being watched by a panel of 3 judges. These judges make their decisions based on directing, technical design, acting performances, and the overall effect and composition. Randall’s theatre productions class took the stage at the zone contest on March 3rd with their show, “A View From the Bridge” by Arthur Miller. The show follows the memory of Alfieri (Henely), who is recounting his time working as a lawyer for Eddie (Ray),  a dock worker in 1940’s New York, who is harboring two illegal brothers from Italy, Marco (Betzen) and Rodolpho (Brewton). As they lengthen their stay,  and Rodolpho forms a relationship with Eddie’s niece Catherine (Carson), while Eddie’s relationships with his friends, and his wife Beatrice (Todd) become increasingly strained as he grapples with his feelings for Catherine, and his duty to his neighborhood. After zone, Randall emerged with a first place trophy and a ticket to district contest, being held a mere 4 days after on March 7th. Randall yet again came out with a victory, and are set to compete at bi-district contest on March 22, which will be at Lubbock Monterey High School. Randall productions advanced to state last year, finishing 5th overall in the 5A conference.

“We’re looking to get back to Round Rock and really show them who Randall theatre is,”  senior Devin Henely said.

Senior Zaylee Carson said she is enjoying her time spent with the cast and crew.

“My favorite part of the year is how much I’ve grown with the people around me,” Carson said. “This cast pushes each other to be the best that they can be.”

The list below shows each individual award the Raiders have received so far.



Honorable Mention All-Star Cast- Ryder Brewton and Devin Henely

All-Star Cast- Frankie Ray, Brionna Todd and Zaylee Carson

Best Lighting- Bryson Shelton

Best Overall Tech Crew- Randall (Ryan Lickey, Kaitlyn Craddock, Bryson Shelton, Barbara Velo, Catherine Atwood, Sarah Hope)



Honorable Mention All- Star Cast- Devin Henely

All-Star Cast- Brionna Todd and Zaylee Carson

Best Performer- Frankie Ray and Ryder Brewton

Best Stage Manager- Kaitlyn Craddock

Best Costumes/Props- Catherine Atwood

Best Overall Tech Crew- Randall (Ryan Lickey, Kaitlyn Craddock, Bryson Shelton, Barbara Velo, Catherine Atwood, Sarah Hope)