Dealing with break-ups

Dealing with break-ups

This is high school. Though it is not impossible, it is highly unlikely that high school sweethearts will go on to get married and grow old together. Therefore, break ups are often something teenage couples must go through.

Heartbreak is awful, and can really affect both of the parties, even if they choose not to show it. Depression, self- harm and even suicide can become appealing. But the truth is, none of these fix the ‘emptiness’ of no longer being in a committed relationship.

There are a few tips that can help take the sting out of those fresh wounds.

Don’t seclude yourself. This will lead to overthinking and will more than likely make you think about the person more. If you are around close friends or family, you will be less likely to do something immature or that you may regret, such as sending them an ‘unintentional’ text to start a conversation, a pathetic ‘I’m sorry’ when it wasn’t just your fault, or even an act of vandalism that could land you with a fine.

Talk to someone. If you start to get those feelings of depression, self-harm or even thoughts of suicide, let someone know. You don’t have to go through it alone, and you will more than likely find someone out there who will listen and give you advice. There are suicide hotlines and counselors that can help you sort out your feelings and find different ways to deal with your emotions.

Try new things. This kind of goes along with not secluding yourself, but you may find that by making new friends or even reconnecting with old ones that were there before the relationship can make you feel better and make you forget about the hurt. Trying a new hobby like bike riding, running, cooking, reading, writing, music, crafting, or team sports can help you relieve stress and/or anger while gaining new skills in a productive way.

You aren’t alone. People go through rough break ups all the time and the world does not end. Instead of focusing on what is done, try and have a positive outlook, it could change your whole life.