Avengers Endgame: A Perfect Ending to the Avengers Franchise


“Avengers Endgame” hit theaters with a bang, grossing a record amount of $1.2 billion on opening weekend. This beat “Captain Marvel,” another Marvel movie which opened earlier this year, with $1 billion on opening weekend. Endgame sold out in tickets almost the minute tickets went on sale. And for good reason, this is the last Avengers movie with the original six Avengers.

In the movie, every scene felt like a ending to a story, with the big fight at the end and including the three big deaths. The movie itself prepared you for the worst and the end of the Avengers with those final scenes. Endgame was beautifully written and highlights the effect that Thanos had on everyone lives. The movie as well was amazingly cinematic with the camera, it showed every angle that the fans needed. Even adding a new element, time travel, caused the movie to make great plot advancements.

The Avengers Franchise has become childhood for most teenagers and children. The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and the rest of the team has been on screen for 10 years. Endgame became an emotional and childhood ending for everyone who has grown up with or have followed Marvel religiously. While Avengers Infinity War was a total must see for everyone, Endgame catered towards the fans. Leaving no plot holes left behind, no cliffhangers. Endgame was an ending to the Avengers. However, not for some of the characters.

Many characters already have movies planned or coming out, like Spider-man and a new Guardians of the Galaxy movie possibly featuring Thor. There were also shows announced for the Scarlet Witch, Loki possibly, Falcon and Winter Solider, Hawkeye and possibly Howard the Duck. All of these shows will be on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+.While Endgame was the end of the avengers, Marvel Cinematic Universe will keep them alive.

While Endgame is the end for the original six Avengers, the Marvel Universe will continue to live on in every fan. The fan base of Marvel whether the fan is just new or have been there for ten years, are dedicated to the movies and comics and the characters. Avengers Endgame is just the start for how far the Marvel Universe can go.