Fall Break to be Oct. 4-8


Lauren Tice, Staff Writer

October has arrived meaning the first break of the school year is here. Fall Break is this Thursday and Friday, as well as no school the upcoming Monday due to Columbus Day.

School will resume on Tuesday Oct. 9 and will be on a late start schedule.

“Teachers have to come to school on Thursday,” English teacher Kyle Hewitt said. “We get Friday off because it is considered a Comp Day.”

Teachers had to put in extra hours over the summer to cover the hours that would be missed in order to get Friday off.

“I think Fall Break is beneficial to students and faculty,” Hewitt said. “I think everyone is at a point where we all need a little rest and relaxation.”

This is the second year CISD has incorporated a Fall Break into the school calendar. Every month there is some kind of break or day off for students and staff.

“Since school has started we really haven’t had a break other than a day off here and there,” senior Kimberly Meraz said. “It’s really nice to be able to have this break to take a breather.”

Students are receiving a five day weekend, which is a week of school giving students time to hangout with friends, catch up on sleep and finish school work.

“I made last minute plans to go see Taylor Swift with some friends in Dallas,” Meraz said. “We might even visit the Tri-State fair that is taking place there too.”

Both Hewitt and Meraz said they automatically think of colder weather, football, upcoming holidays and anything pumpkin flavored when they think of fall.