Christmas Madness

Christmas decorations make up a major part in the holiday atmosphere. Driving around a suburban neighborhood and looking at the colorful lights strung on the rooftops of houses is an event every child should experience. However, the people who set up these Christmas items at the beginning of November completely ruin the holiday season.

Home owners who think it is appropriate to place an inflatable snowman or plastic reindeer in their front yard before Thanksgiving only destroys the magic Christmas creates. Nowadays, more and more neighborhoods tend to skip decorating for Thanksgiving even when it is just as important as any winter celebration. Opening up presents on Christmas day is something most people enjoy; although, unwrapping gifts is not as important as getting the family together for a feast. Thanksgiving is a day when everyone can listen to old stories from their grandparents, watch football with their father, or simply eat with friends. Even if some people think they receive more from opening presents than from eating turkey and mash potatoes, they are mistaken. Sitting down at a table full of family and friends is just as joyful as any gift. Also, it would not be socially acceptable to place stuffed scarecrows in someone’s yard and wear costumes on September 1st, so there is no excuse to do the same for Christmas décor.

Thanksgiving should never be skipped, because it is just as magical as Christmas. Families should be decorating their homes with fake fall leaves, and stocking their cabinets with all sorts of Thanksgiving foods. Everyone has a role in setting up the holiday atmosphere, and it only takes one person to mess it up.