New Schedule to create Academic Opportunities: Q&A with students

Natasa Dobras, Staff Writer

For a week now, students have been attending meetings that discuss the new FLEX schedule, especially the purpose and fundamentals of FLEX time. Starting next week, students will begin engaging in FLEX time and many have expressed their thoughts about the new schedule.

How will FLEX time benefit you?
“It will allow me to go to tutorials in the middle of the day instead of waking up early in the morning,” senior Weston Piece said.

“FLEX time will help me to do better in my classes by allowing me time to consult with my teachers in subjects I have a difficult time understanding,” senior Jacob Delgado said. “Or if I’m not having any trouble, allow me to relax during the morning.”

Do you have concerns about FLEX time? Why or why not?
I have concerns that people will not be able to have an open mind about FLEX time and getting used to the new time schedule,” Pierce said.

“I don’t have any concerns about FLEX time because I think that the idea is both well thought out and well implemented,” Delgado said.

Is the addition of a 25-minute break period worth the loss of extended lunch? Why or why not?

“Probably since there are only a few extended lunches and the FLEX time will be every day, I guess it will balance out,” Piece said.

“I personally don’t think that the loss of extended lunch is worth it,” Delgado said. “I really liked having a reward besides test exemptions for coming to school every day. I feel like if FLEX time were between 4th and 5th period I would like it much more.”

What do you plan on doing during FLEX time?
“Honestly, probably just sleeping or going in to get help from my teachers when I am falling behind,” Pierce said.

“If I am having troubles in any of my classes then I will go in for extra lessons/tutoring,” Delgado said. “If I am doing well in my classes I will take the time to hang out with friends and recuperate from morning drowsiness.”

Has it been difficult for you to adjust to the new schedule? Why or why not?

“A little bit, due to the fact that it is new and I am so used to the old schedule,” Pierce said.

“No, even before the schedule change I just relied on the bells releasing, so it hasn’t been too much of a shock,” Delgado said.

Overall, do you think FLEX time will allow you or other students to perform better in class?

“I think the ability to have a good amount of tutorials that cover a variety of subjects will help to improve academic performance,” Pierce said.

“I think it will help people perform better because now they have no excuse for not being able to come in and get extra help/tutoring,” Delgado said. “It won’t be any extra time out of their day to talk to a teacher or study.”