Teenagers Need To Explore More

Mattie Freeze, Assissant Editor

When pondering the importance of exploring the unknown, obvious examples like Christopher Columbus immediately come to mind. There’s no question that Columbus explored the uncharted, unsettled American frontier, but modern exploration is far different.

Exploring the unknown can be as simple as trying the new seafood place in town. Sure, the menu has shrimp, but what about clams? Exploring unknown territory could broaden horizons. It encourages modern day adventurers to take risks and to be open-minded. Indulging in exploration at a young age can allow people to be more aware of surrounding opportunities, giving them an advantage over their unadventurous peers.

Exploring the TV guide and watching something new opens viewers to other perspectives. It breaks down barriers between groups of people. Exploration combines cultures; it creates connections. It’s impossible to talk to someone and connect over a love for the Food Network if you only watch HGTV.

Exploring a mattress store is by far the most important. The most popular mattress isn’t necessarily the best. Others may be more supportive or more soft. Without walking around the store and trying them all, the best fit is never found.

Although it sounds ridiculous, simple exploration is critical to expanding your comfort zone. All jokes and unorthodox examples aside, humans tend to stick with what’s comfortable, but I’ve had a realization: it is up to us to explore. Older generations are more set in their ways, so teenagers need to strap on their exploring boots and get to it.