Halloween: Fun for All Ages


Halloween is rolling around this season and with that comes trick or treating and dressing up as your favorite spooky monster or character. But over the years, some people feel as if adults and those of older age has taken over the Holiday from younger kids.

While Halloween is for the most part for kids, there are different ways to have fun when you’re older during this time of the year. It’s okay to every once in awhile loosen up and have fun during the spooky season, we shouldn’t look down upon or limit those who want to celebrate such an amusing holiday.

For one, there are different ways to entertain yourself during this time of the year. You don’t need to go out and trick or treat if you think that’s too childish, instead go on a marathon of your favorite horror movies or even some that are bad. Watching a bad horror flick with a couple of friends is a blast because there’s nothing better than suffering through it together. If movies aren’t your thing there are alternatives, like have a spooky-themed dinner with your family, there’s only one night like Halloween each year so use this time to embrace the spooky and have fun.

Let’s say, however, that none of this is your way of having fun, and you just don’t wanna do anything this season. Think again, cause you could always take out a younger relative to go trick or treating. Helping someone who still has the Halloween spirit in them get set up to go treating is always amazing, because if they’re having fun then you’re having fun. It’s sort of like Christmas, whereas you get older giving gifts to those who are dear to you becomes more entertaining than getting. It may be too late for you to trick or treat, but there’s always the option to give a helping hand to someone who still can.

Now, a lot of these activities can be ruled out due to covid 19 safety prevention. But you can always adapt to the world around you and take Halloween home. The things listed earlier are no brainers for what to do but there’s a variety of things to do. Like set up a scavenger hunt for candies in your household, decorate a little, or if you really want to keep the Halloween spirit alive do a reverse trick or treat. Go around the neighborhood and offer candy to the little ones at home who had to miss out this year because of the pandemic. There is no better fun to have on Halloween than to keep the spirit alive after all.

A common belief among people is that adults have “hijacked” Halloween and it should only be exclusive to kids of a younger age. But to limit who can have fun during this holiday to how old you are is a boring way to go about life. There are different ways to go about celebrating and just because others are finding ways to entertain themselves doesn’t mean they are overtaking it.

So let’s start normalizing the celebration of the spooky season, embrace it and let loose to just have fun. There’s only one night like Halloween so let’s use it to get spooky. I recommend for you to find your way of commemorating because Holloween truly is something special.