Graffiti is a Form of Self Expression

All graffiti seems to be declared vandalism and requires removal throughout Amarillo. No longer will the streets be filled with colorful images that reflect the life of the city residents.

Graffiti is a form of art and should not result in legal punishment.

As humans, we have the right to express ourselves as long as we are not harming others. As an outlook, some people use graffiti to put their emotions on display that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to communicate. Graffiti is a way that other people can get all their issues out and create something beautiful that everyone can view. This art form is a much better alternative to drugs and alcohol as a way for people to escape, and they can do this by not harming themselves or others around them.

Without this colorful art, Amarillo will look like any other city blending into all of the other Texas town stereotypes. The graffiti in our town helps to liven the streets and will make us unique and showcase what it means to live in our city. Our art will make passersby’s remember Amarillo and will cause them to want to visit. As a result of tourism, we would see an increase in revenue gained.

Graffiti also allows people to display their viewpoints on important topics that can affect the community. This way of communication gives them a voice in the matter and allows more people to learn of different ways people see and view the world. It’s a nonviolent way of spreading ideas throughout the community that will help unify them, and in turn, will help decrease disputes.

The Amarillo lawmakers claim that all “public graffiti is a nuisance,” and will result in legal action if the issue remains unresolved. However, graffiti is something that can easily be painted over and does not put the residents of Amarillo in harm. It can be used positively by making our city unique and display our way of life.

Graffiti should be allowed by receiving a permit provided by the city, especially when they are asking to paint on a public area or building. If the art does not follow guidelines that are provided for the artist, the graffiti must be painted over. Graffiti is a form of self-expression, and the residents of Amarillo should be able to express this right through this form. Please at the next city council meeting, show your support to allow graffiti in the streets of our great city again.