Do We Still Need Libraries?

It can be reasonably assumed that you can find everything online, so do we still need libraries?

The simple answer is yes, libraries are still needed, but it is not only for their books.

Libraries offer free, educational resources and books for everyone who can’t buy them for themselves. It doesn’t matter how much money you make because every resource is free, including books, internet access, and computers. Everything in a library is free and you can ask the librarian anything and they will help you out. They can answer questions about resume writing, job applications, government forms, and more all for free.

Although they don’t seem like they would, libraries can help boost the local economy. They provide free workspaces when you need someplace quiet to work and free internet access for people who need it or are looking for employment opportunities. You can do work at libraries without being distracted like you would at home.

Libraries are a safe place where you can express yourself. The internet can bring people together, but cyberbullying and trolling can leave people reluctant to have a conversation with people they disagree with. Libraries are places people can gather and meet with people and all are welcome.

People may believe that we need to get rid of libraries because a majority of the population don’t use libraries. While sources say that only 1.3 billion people visit libraries a year, that is a lot of people who use them and need them to stay. Libraries are still needed by people.

Libraries are essential to some people; therefore, we need to keep them. We need to keep libraries open so the people who do need them the most won’t be short-changed by the fact that they can’t afford the resources or the multiple books a week that they read. Keep in mind that although people say libraries aren’t needed by the majority of the population, they are needed by the people who need all of the things they provide.