Animals Should Not Be Held In Captivity


Animals should not be locked in small areas where they do not belong. In 2010, a trainer was killed at SeaWorld by a killer orca. Animals like these are not used for entertainment purposes. 

In 1983 Tilikum, a killer orca was captured from Iceland and was taken to Sealand of The Pacific. Tilikum is one of the largest Orcas to ever be held captive at SeaWorld, at 22 feet long and 12,000 pounds. At the time that Tilikum was at SeaWorld, he killed three people.  Tilikum died on January 6th, 2017.

When Tilikum was captured he was taken from his whole family including his mother only at the age of two just to be held in captivity for the rest of his life. John Crowe said “I lost it. I just started crying. I didn’t stop working, but it is like kidnapping a little kid away from her mother.” Taking an animal away from its mother at a very young age is not right. It destroys the mother because she lost her baby, and it destroys the babies because at the age of two he doesn’t know how to be without his mother. 

When being held in captivity for your whole life and being stuck in a small place for so long it is easy to become psychotic.  Think of it like for your entire life, you have to be in a bathtub and be controlled by others. These whales are stuck in a small pool forever and have to be controlled by trainers. At some point, they become mentally sick and suffer from psychological damage and become aggressive. Research has shown that no orca has killed someone in the ocean or around coastlines. That is exactly what happened to Tilikum, Which is why he killed three trainers. 

These orcas are not made for entertainment and to be trained just by people to watch them. Orcas are supposed to be on their own with their families in the ocean searching for food. When held in a small pool these orcas are not able to do this, this makes it easy for them to easily become lonely and mad, and become aggressive. Because of this Tilikum was able to kill three trainers at SeaWorld. After each one of the deaths, Tilikum had to have been suffering from trauma. 

We should not be taking these animals out of their natural habitats. It does no good for the environment, the animals, and even humans. Orcas should not be kept locked up for their entire life.