Warner Bros New CEO Should be Fired


Warner Bros appointed David Zaslav as their new CEO a few weeks ago and Zaslav is already canceling million dollar movies and it making many fans of DC angry.

Warner Bros should fire Zaslav immediately.

Zaslav already canceled “Bat Girl” which many fans of DC where looking forward to. Zaslav canceled “Bat Girl,” which was planned to stream on HBO Max later this year, because he claimed it did not fit Warner Bros vision. Zaslav’s decision came after the studio had already forked out $90 million on the movie and it was already basically finished.  Many of its actors, including the awesome Leslie Grace, expressed their disappointment and DC fans were in a uproar when they learned that Zaslav’s cancellations weren’t going to stop with “Bat Girl.” Zaslav also plans to cancel more amazing shows and movies like “Peacemaker” and “The Batman 2.”

It’s not just DC projects taking a hit. Zaslav is canceling “Close Enough” and “Scoob,” and reports claim he is considering shutting down HBO Max, which is a favorite streaming service for many viewers. With Zaslav in charge, it seems that no show is safe. For many shows, like “Our Flags,” this means death.

In addition to bad decision making, it seems that Zaslav doesn’t treat his employees well either. Complaints are coming out of the Warner Bro camp from employees claiming to be overworked.

Warner Bros needs to remove Zaslav immediately, before he can do anymore damage.