Is Top Gun Maverick Really The Movie of The Summer?


Addison sandifer

Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun Maverick has had an enormous amount of success becoming the 12th most grossing film of all time, but does it really deserve all of this success?

As someone who has seen Top Gun Maverick Three times, I have had many opportunities to really analyze this action-packed, drama-packed roller coaster of a movie. First I want to start by talking about the amazing cast which includes Tom Cruise, Monica Barbaro and Miles Teller, the actor who got a lot of recognition for playing “Rooster” in this movie. Miles Teller’s name might not immediately jump out to you, but there is a good chance you have seen him on your screens before. He has been in 20+ Movies and two TV Shows, with his most notable projects being “Whiplash,” The “Divergent” movies, “Footloose” and obviously “Top Gun Maverick.” The talent from this cast doesn’t end there, every single actor who is in this movie is extremely good just to mention a few names Glen Powell, John Hamm, Jennifer Connelly and Lewis Pullman.

The overall story of this movie is so well written and a natural progression of the classic. I mean bringing back the old “Captain” to teach the new generation is exactly what the Top Gun franchise needed. The critics thought so too, For example, Nicolas Barber from the British Broadcasting Center says “The new film improves on the old one in every respect. The story is cleverer and more gripping, the dialogue is sharper and funnier, the relationships are richer, the aerial stunts are more likely to make you queasy.”

The run time of this movie is 2 hours and 11 minutes, the perfect amount of time for this movie so it’s not too short but also doesn’t feel like it’s being stretched out. While watching this movie there is not a single time where you are bored, there are constantly things happening. Another amazing part of this movie is the Soundtrack, it’s filled with songs that go amazingly well with the movie and its scenes. There is even a song that was made just for this movie. It’s called “I Ain’t Worried” Which is the perfect summer song for this summer movie.

So with all of these amazing parts of this movie, who’s the director? It is Joseph Kosinski an American Film Maker who has worked on 10+ films. He did an absolutely amazing job with the cinematography, the way this movie was shot is really just beautiful. One of my favorite parts of the cinematography is how they didn’t use SFX for the actual flying scenes, all of those scenes were done by attaching a film camera into the pit of the planes and the actors were flying the planes and doing the stunts. All of the actors had to take a course taught by Tom Cruise. Ironic, isn’t it? The reason for all of this is that Tom Cruise would not do the movie if they didn’t use practical effects.

Top Gun Maverick has been out for three months and was recently released on DVD and Blue RAY. As you can tell, I quite enjoyed this movie as it had a perfect balance of drama and action. So this is definitely The Movie of The Summer.