Dating 101: Don’t Ask Someone Out Over Text


Katie Carpenter

Somebody texting on their phone.

Some people think that asking somebody out over text is a bad thing, and they would be right.

It’s okay to converse via text, but don’t avoid moving toward that goal if the goal is to ask them out.

It’s more personal and romantic to ask someone out in person because it feels more special. Most people enjoy it if it’s face-to-face instead of face-to-screen.

Over text, you can’t convey tone, mood or exaggeration, and things you say could be taken out of context or conveyed as rude or condescending.

The person receiving a text could also become confused, and wonder “is this a joke or is this the real person asking me out?”  Face-to-face conversations come across more accurately, and there is less confusion.

There are two reasons why a person would ask someone out over text: fear of having a face-to-face conversation or fear of rejection. These days, people hide behind screens and we are becoming increasingly more awkward in person. Life isn’t meant to be lived through a computer screen. Take a break from your phone, and actually meet somebody. You might feel much better about yourself.