What’s The Point of Reading?


The importance of reading has been lost with time; as generations get older and technology advances. People and communities have been using books as guidance through knowledge and understanding for centuries. Over the past 100 years, reading has slowly grown to become a chore for many students and young adults. In today’s world, technology has completely consumed and reprogrammed our minds. Things such as social media on many platforms have stolen our attention spans away from day-to-day activities. Our attention spans shorten in seconds by the year, our society is incredibly used to having everything they need right now every day for every second.

The immediate gratification of instant information or entertainment that technologies provide is very convenient, but what good does that do to us if we never get to explore that knowledge for ourselves? Books no matter the topic always have a point to them; there is truly a book for everything you would possibly want to know. The importance of reading can not go unnoticed, reading can open your eyes literally and figuratively.  Not only does reading benefit you by helping you become a better writer, but it also improves communication the more you read the more diverse your knowledge set becomes to be more engaged in conversations and empower you to speak openly to others.

Schools in the past 20 years have made reading a chore and inaccessible. Many required reading are really old beaten ground books that a 12-17 year old aren’t going to enjoy.  No matter the age there is a book for everyone. The book you read in 7th grade English about two guys on a farm most likely isn’t the book for you.  The same way you would find a T.V show or a movie is the same way you would find a book you would enjoy. Finding the right genre, author, reading style and writing is different for everyone.

The point of reading is to learn, grow, find yourself in a book and to become a better writer and communicator and of course, to find a good book.