Fast Fashion is a Scam


Fast fashion brands are making low quality clothes for close to the same price as higher quality items. Companies that are doing this are scamming their buyers.

Clothes, weather it be swim suits or a winter coat, to everyday items, need to be high quality and long lasting. There is no point in having clothes that you can only wear a few times before they are unwearable.

Recently, clothes and other necessities have become extremely expensive. Fast fashion is a good way to get trending clothes for cheap. Some people rely on these companies to get clothes that are affordable, but also in style. Other brands that are making trending clothes, usually are way overpriced.

Not everyone can afford to buy new trending items every month. With the way that these companies are making their clothes though, it makes it impractical to not buy new products after only a couple of wears. The clothes simply just don’t last long enough.

With everyone buying from these new brands, lots of trends are coming and going. It can be hard to keep up with new fashion trends that are taking over social media. buying new clothes for a new micro-trend every month is unrealistic with the way these items are priced. This makes it almost impossible to find cute clothes that everyone can get.

Some people believe that fast fashion companies are doing good though. They make trendy clothes, cheap and easy to get. Although they are doing some good, the quality of some of they’re products is unacceptable.

Clothes shouldn’t be made for just to look cute, but also to keep warm and covered, in most cases. Instead of buying from fast fashion brands like SHEIN, a good way to get cute clothes for cheap, that are also long lasting, is thrifting. Places like Goodwill, or Plato’s Closet allows you to sell your old clothes, so someone else can buy and wear them.