Athlete Overcomes Injury And Competes In Track


Maretta Ramirez

Tyler Miller, 11

“Growing up I was always one of the faster guys so I thought it would be a good idea to run track,” Tyler said. “As soon as I did I ended up quitting all other sports and pursuing that completely, so track pretty much changed my life. I feel really excited every time I get to compete at the meets. It’s always exciting when you get to go to the district and keep advancing. I enjoy being able to compete against all the competition.”

This is Tyler’s first year competing at the varsity level, and when asked what his biggest challenge for this season he replied, “I had to overcome a knee injury, I overworked my knee and it got pretty swollen. The recovery process was short, but it set me back a bit for competition.” 

Tyler run the 4×100 and the 4×200, and says his favorite track memory was getting to run in the Texas Tech indoor meet last year. “I had so much fun going against great competition and running at the indoor college meet. I’m so thankful I got to participate in this great opportunity.”

Tyler also has a routine he goes through before running in a meet to keep him in the right mindset every time. “I eat pasta and chicken and take a 15-minute ice bath the night before a meet. On the day of the meet I eat Subway 2-3 hours before my race, and 5 minutes before each race I take a shot of honey for an instant sugar rush. It helps every time.”