Brodee Kennedy, Freshman

Brodee Kennedy is a freshman wrestler who said he’s ready to win some tournaments for Randall. Kennedy  started wrestling when he was in 8th grade, he said he likes wrestling because of the challenge and competition  in the sport. He said he didn’t realize till 7th grade that he wanted to do wrestling but unfortunately didn’t get to join till 8th grade.

Kennedys biggest supporter is his dad Kevin Kennedy who also did wrestling when he was younger. Kennedy said he chose wrestling because he wanted to follow in his fathers foot steps and be just like him. He said what motivates him the most is the need to get better physically and mentally with the sport.

” Tough people win,” Brodee said.

He said that this saying goes through his mind non stop when it comes to wrestling and has helped him push through many matches.

Kennedy said that by doing this sport he realizes how team work is a very important aspect and always supporting your teammates gives everyone the confidence they need to succeed.

Brodee defiantly has some school spirit and is ready to do whatever it takes to get Randall some more wins this year.