Special Education Teacher: Miles Muskrat

Special Education Teacher: Miles Muskrat

Spencer Maddox, Staff Writer

There are a total of six special education teachers and Miles Muskrat is one of them.

Muskrat has been a special education teacher for a year. He has not always wanted to pursue a degree in the education field but he said taking time to teach others has been rewarding as students learn.

¨At Randall, I take time to explain and guide students about all school subjects and everyday life,¨ Muskrat said. ¨I wanted to go into the educational setting because (I enjoy) teaching our youth and making a difference one person at a time.¨

Muskrat currently teaches math, history and science. Not only does he focus on educating students, he also exercises outside of the classroom.

¨My favorite part about working at Randall is watching our students grow and develop into the individuals they are today,¨ Muskrat said. ¨Teaching students and helping them learn about the world around this is important in making our world a better place.¨