Computer Teacher, Denise Logan

Computer Teacher, Denise Logan

Spencer Maddox, Staff Writer

Computer teacher Denise Logan said she has always loved the idea of being a teacher.

Logan currently teaches career technology classes. She instructs Digital Art and Animation, Digital Design, Media Production, BIM II, and DC Pro Internship Program.

“I thought about (going into) accounting for a brief period of time but I think I always knew that I would be a teacher,” Logan said.

Logan has taught at Randall for 31 years. 

“I like working with students and I love business technology,” Logan said. “Being a CTE teacher was the perfect way to combine those two concepts.”

Outside of the classroom Logan enjoys traveling, going to concerts, being with her children and reading. Logan said that her favorite memories as a teacher are about the fun moments with her students.

“My favorite part about working here is the students,” Logan said. “I love watching them grow throughout their years at Randall.”