Laiken Lindsley- Freshman


Freshman Laiken Lindsley is part of advanced theatre and choir. She has been in theatre since she was young. The first show she was in was Annie, and her most recent is Midsummer Jersey, which they are doing right now. She has been in choir since second grade, when she auditioned to be in the choir by singing The Star Spangled Banner. Lindsley was born here in Amarillo, but when she was six, she had moved to Las Vegas for her dad’s job. She has lived there until she was 12, which is when Covid hit. Because of Covid, she and her family moved back to Amarillo.   

After she graduates, she would like to go to medical school to become a neurologist and study the brain. Lindsley is not sure which college she wants to go to yet, but said in order to become a neurologist she would need to attend college for about 14 years.