Guess Who’s Back? It’s Nokia.


Rebekah Williams, Staff Writer

The way to end a very dramatic phone call on TV or real life, was to slam the flip phone shut. Now it’s just to repeatedly hit the hang up button on the a smartphone until the screen cracks. But Nokia misses those days, so they’re bringing it back.

The company was once the leader in producing mobile phones, but when smartphones started dominating the playing field, they couldn’t keep up. Even through the loss of mobile phone sales, the made up for it by selling technology for telecommunications networks.

The ever increasing smartphone companies who say their batteries will last longer have much bigger competition. The Nokia 8110 can hold a charge for around twenty-five days, whereas an iPhone’s can only last about ten hours. Though you can do more with the smartphone, the 8110 can still access Twitter, Facebook and has an new version of the original game Snake.

The retro banana phone might not be as luxurious as others, but it definitely has many redeeming qualities. They would be very useful to first time phone users or those who just want to go back to the 2000’s.