Natural Leader Finds Dream Job in Education



Rachel Huddleston

“I didn’t really consider teaching as a job option until I was in college,” English teacher Rachel Huddleston said. “I’ve always been a natural teacher, seeking out opportunities to teach others. I often tutored others throughout high school and college. I taught friends and neighbors to ride horses, and I worked for the WT writing center. I knew I wanted a job where I could use my own experiences and struggles to help and inspire young people, so I considered several careers in the fields of criminal justice, psychology, social work and medicine. Still, I never felt particularly passionate about those. Eventually, I realized that teaching would be a natural fit and would allow me to help and inspire people. As a former Randall student myself, being an English teacher at this school is my absolute dream job. I loved my time at this school, and much of my positive experience was because of the teachers I had. In particular, my Spanish teacher Mrs. Olson and one of my math teachers, Mrs. Clark (who still teaches here at Randall) were inspirations. I knew my teachers cared about me and if I ever needed support, they would be there. Now I get to offer that same support to my own students, and I hope I can be a positive influence on their lives. Much of Randall has changed since I was a student here – new and updated buildings, the addition of FLEX time, and many more class options – but the positive spirit of this school has endured and even grown through the years. I am so proud to be a Raider.”