The aliens are NOT among us

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At about 10 p.m. on Feb. 2nd, strange noises came from the sky around the Panhandle area. Facebook updates went ablaze as “the aliens are among us” and “OMG guys, do u hear that?” flooded the social media webpage. Video footage was caught by 96.9 Kiss FM radio announcers and, after being posted to YouTube, received over 1,000 views in one night.

The noise has been reported all over the world during the last few weeks and several YouTube videos have cropped up, all showing the same screeching noise from the Kiss FM video. Many believe the occurrence to be nothing but a meteor, though many other rumors have circulated around the Internet. Popular ones include the switching of magnetic polar fields, landing of extra terrestrials and an upcoming rapture.

But according to the KVII-Channel 7’s website, “what may have sounded like something extremely strange was likely a meteor. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a meteor may have been seen throughout parts of Oklahoma and Texas. The FAA received several reports from people who said they saw the bright, streaking light. Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh said the noise was caused by the meteorite burning up while entering the Earth’s atmosphere over Central Texas and into Central Oklahoma.”