Cold weather brings illnesses

Cold weather brings illnesses

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The fall brings many wonderful things, including pumpkins, pumpkin flavored delights, tights, sweaters, and beautifully colored leaves. However, fall also brings the flu, the common cold, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Somehow, constantly blowing your nose and sneezing puts a damper on the cold weather fun. Simple precautions can be taken to preserve your uncongested nose.

First of all, make sure to dress warm. Being outside in the cold for long periods of time is sometimes unavoidable, but it can certainly make you feel awful. Don’t let the seasonal temperature sneak up on you!

It’s a good idea to get vaccinated for the flu. The flu is extremely common and can potentially be fatal. You also need to get a vaccination annually.

Be smart about germs. We’ve all heard the usual “sneeze into your elbow” and “wash your hands, you filthy child.” That advice is extremely applicable during the cold weather seasons. Illnesses spread easy and fast when a large number of people are sick.

The fall and winter doesn’t have to be about lessening the pain of your sore throat or awkwardly standing up in the middle of class to get a tissue. Be careful and be safe!