Java lovers need rehab

Java lovers need rehab

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Coffee is tremendously popular in America. Coffee shops are booming due to the hipsters that drink, breathe, and bleed coffee. We sip it, we swig it, we chug it, we guzzle it, and we bathe in it. America cannot get enough coffee. It must be doing something to our bodies, right?

Coffee itself is not necessarily bad for you, but caffeine can become addictive. The absence of caffeine is what leaves people flopped on the couch with a massive headache. According to the caffeine molecule resembles closely resembles the adenosine molecule. It’ll creep onto the brain’s adenosine receptors, blocking them off. Adenosine molecules normally make you tired, so when they’re blocked off you stay awake longer. The brain eventually adapts to the lack of adenosine, and you’re an addict.

Your teeth may become a victim of your obsession. People that drink gallon cup O’ Joe miss their pearly whites. It’s not a brushing or flossing problem, coffee will simply stain them brown.

Coffee drinkers are not necessarily condemned to the 9th circle of Hell, but it’s a good idea to monitor your caffeine intake. Don’t get hooked on the beans!